Saturday, March 14, 2015

What a Mess!

Another thing I accomplished in February was a complete clearing out of my fabric scraps. This is a photo of a very small portion of the scraps that have accumulated over the past couple of years. The pile was about the size of a large dog crate, or a washing machine, or you could also say that it took up, when dumped out of its containers, most of the floor space of my studio.

For three days or so I ironed the larger pieces and stacked everything by color. I snipped off any teeny pieces and stuffed them separately into a bag. I then brought all the stacks of nicely ironed pieces as well as the bag of teeny ones to HG's school where I am hoping some people will find them useful for various handwork projects. You can see below that the entire stack of red and pinks was brought down to a manageable six or so inches high following the ironing.

I was so pleased to finish this task. What an accomplishment. It allowed me to organize my fabric closet so that I can find everything else more easily now that things aren't buried under heaps of unruly cotton pieces. I did keep a fair number of these scraps but they all fit very nicely into a small plastic bin. And I vow not to let this get away from me in the future! 


  1. That scrap looks hilariously useful in household! they come in use when polishing the furniture and the floor and other domestic works!

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