Sunday, March 8, 2015

My New Favorite Fabric Combo Strikes Again!

A few days ago I sewed up this baby, which I love, love love.

This is a case for my new Chromebook. A Chromebook, which is far, far cheaper than a new laptop, requires the internet to do anything. It's entirely Cloud-based and has almost no storage space or programs. Everything it does, from photo management to playing movies to writing emails and dissertations all happens with Google applications and everything you do is saved on the Cloud. I'll talk more about the new photo editing software I am using since getting the Chromebook, but for now let's get back to the case.

The red checkered fabric is from Hable Construction. It's my new favorite. And I particularly love it when set off with yellow. Hable is actually two sisters who hail from Texas. They named their business after their great grandfather’s Texas road construction company. One sister designs while the other manages the business. All of their textiles start as drawings or paintings which are later transferred to the silk screens used in the printing process. Their designs are fresh, contemporary, and full of color. Their fabrics appeal
to me because of their bold, simple designs that have the playful look of hand drawings combined with colorful palettes. Hable has collaborated with such companies as Pottery Barn Kids, Garnet Hill, and even Volkswagon.

Although the red doesn't really need any more joy, I like how the nice little stripe of yellow brings additional cheer to the case. The fabric itself is sailcloth, which is kind of a lightweight cotton canvas, so it is quite sturdy and perfect for any kind of bag or storage item. And how do you like the nifty snap? Way better than noisy velcro. Plus snaps are fast and easy to put on and I think they might even last longer.

On the inside of the flap I put a quilting-weight yellow fabric. The case is interfaced with a fleece fabric to add stability, and I included another cotton lining on the inside. That makes it easy to slide the computer in and out. It's quite a hefty case and I was concerned that my machine would have some trouble sewing portions of it, but it did great with the walking foot and a denim needle. 

I expected areas like this with all the fabrics coming together to give my sewing machine grief,
but she plowed right through!

The bottom corners are just sewn shut with the rest of the bottom hem. That makes for the little dimple and the soft curve at the bottom. I'm not sure I love this and might try a boxed corner on any future cases. I don't know how the significant bulk of the seam allowance in a boxed corner would turn out, though, even if I cut off the excess. 

My computer is very happy there and I can't wait to show off the case at a coffee shop or the next time I have to remove the computer at airport screening. 

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