Thursday, October 30, 2014

My Overflowing Idea List

When I first started my shop a good friend from college, who is very creative, told me that I would find the creativity part easy--I would never be at a loss for ideas because once you get in the habit of thinking creatively, it turns out you can't stop. I thought she was just being very supportive, but it's so, so true!

Below the photo is a selection from my current list of new products to develop. This list gets bigger every week; it's almost frightening all the spectacularly interesting and fun projects there are out there.

Just one of my newest fabrics. This is the one I thought would make perfect soft storage buckets. 
yoga mat carriers
covered cork/bulletin boards
coffee cup cozies
glasses cases
table runners
little fabric baskets
floor storage buckets
drawstring bags
kid backpacks
gardening aprons
craft or half aprons
mug coasters
mouse pads
matching/concentration game with fabrics
embroidery hoop sets with coordinating fabrics (wall decor)
bike bags
doll teepees and blankets
kleenex box covers
yoga mat carriers
over door toy organizers
kids/travel placemats
give/save/spend pouches
baby stuff like bibs and play mats
little girl purses
key fobs
dog leashes/collars
drawstring backpacks
grocery/farmer's market tote bags

Is that a long enough list for you? If anyone wants to give me a hand and tell me which are your top three you'd like to see me tackle, that would be super! Maybe I'll write a post on how I get from an idea on a written list to a new product available. It's a long, rewarding process!! 

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