Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Snack Sacks and What to Put in 'Em

The new snack bags are in!  And, as promised, I’m including here a list of great ideas of what to put in them. Perhaps there are a few snack ideas listed that you haven’t thought of yet. If I’ve missed a favorite in your house, please share it in the comments!

I’d also like to point out that using these just for lunch would be so, so sad. AM uses hers for makeup organization in her purse, I’ve seen them used for carrying little toy cars around, and what a life saver they’d be for holding little game or puzzle pieces to bring on the plane, in the car, or just to have on hand in your purse for boring moments like waiting at restaurants. We use them to bring snacks on airplane rides and then reuse them at our destination rather than stopping to purchase expensive snacks all the time. Oh! I just thought of another great one! What about feminine products? So be sure to think outside the lunch box.

One more thing to point out. These bags are much more time consuming to make than you’d think. Sewing that pretty little border on, which I have to do twice for each one, is a slow process. It involves a set of tweezers. There are easier ways to make these bags, including just turning them inside out and sewing up the seams that way, but I really think there is something special about that border. Actually, I think it’s what makes the bags suitable to carry more than just lunch. And I also think there is value in having functional items look beautiful. Maybe it’s my German husband’s influence, or maybe it’s the Waldorf people I hang out with so much, but I do like that a lowly lunch sack can reach such heights if you want it to. Which I do.

My no-peanut lunch ideas list includes things you could put in your bags by themselves. I often bring four or five bags with me on an outing filled with different things, and none of them is a large “entree”-type item. I just nibble on all the small items and that works. It’s a super fast way to get out the door. So I haven’t listed all the millions of kinds of sandwiches or wraps you could make, but if you or your family has a favorite, do add it to the comments.

raw veggies
carrot, cucumber, kohlrabi, green beans, sugar & snap peas, sweet peppers, celery, radishes, grape tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, jicama 

Add dips in a separate little container: hummus, ranch dressing, tzatziki, almond butter, onion dip, salsa, or sunflower seed butter. These tend to make the veggies more appealing to many little people.

not-too-squishy fruits
apple slices, orange sections, grapes, dried fruit and raisins, dates

snacky-type things
cheerios and other cereals, sunflower seeds, trail mix, pepitas (pumpkin seeds), non-peanut nuts (macadamias, cashews, almonds, pistachios, pecans, walnuts), rice cakes, pretzels, pita chips, crackers (and cheese in a separate bag), bagel chips, pancakes (yes! pancakes!), potato or tortilla chips, kale chips, savory muffins

sweet muffins, yogurt raisins, cookies

Summer camp is coming up for those who live in the Northern Hemisphere. Many day camps are requesting waste-free lunches, so snack bags are a real help there. Do let me know if you’d like to purchase several snack bag sets so I can offer you a volume discount.

Some feedback on my snack sacks from real people:
  • “I LOVE the bags and I use them a lot.”
  • “Items of the highest quality. Shipped quickly!”
  • “Beautiful fabric and quick shipping. Can't wait to use them!”
  • “Opening my package was like opening a special gift. The quality is fantastic and fabrics are even better in person. I love using these in my lunch and my daughter's lunch.”
  • “LOVE!”

Happy eating!


  1. Oh, I think the bias tape makes it lovely. You're right that the serger just doesn't do as good a job.

    1. Thanks! And I just thought of another use for these. Holding those super annoying rubber bands from the Rainbow Loom!! We have them all over the place....