Wednesday, April 2, 2014

New Explorer Bags Coming Soon!

Keep your eyes peeled for a bunch of new explorer bags coming to my Etsy shop in the next several days. I designed these for toddlers to wear across the shoulder, but they do work for older kids and I've even seen an adult wearing one. That particular adult said she'd use it for a small, easy diaper bag. They are intentionally very lightweight--unlined--so your kid can barely tell she's wearing it. They also have no clasps because little hands can get frustrated with those, especially if they are wearing mittens. I've been waiting for the Big Thaw before posting these, partly because photos taken of collecting bags when all there is is snow in the background doesn't really help people to understand the product.

When we go on walks we always take ours with us. I first made HG's bag because I was frankly getting rather tired of all the pinecones and rocks ending up in my pockets. Other small people like to just tote things around the house, like little cars or finger puppets. Slightly bigger people find that their ballet shoes and tutus fit just great. They are durable, washable, and, as always, feature some great fabric combos. 

Here's what a couple of customers have said about these:

"Arrived today and fits my 5-year-old perfect! I'm so happy her little "treasures" won't end up in my pockets or purse anymore. Thanks for this great product!"
"The nature walk bag is just the right size for small child. The use of colorful fabrics is imaginative and will encourage a child's curiosity about her or his surroundings. This granny approves!"

When I list all these bags in the shop I will write about some things you can do with your child after your nature walk. I find that reading other people's ideas for outdoor activities really helps me to get motivated to go outside, which we all should be doing more of with our kids! 

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