Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Love, Maude Embroidery

Hi everyone, 

It's late here and I need to get to bed, but I really wanted to show you something I bought on Etsy for my daughter. It's now hanging in her room by her bed and I smile every time I see it. I love slowly filling the spaces in our house with handmade things. We have a lot of gadgets, too, like a zillion computers and phones (don't get me started on the phone thing) and a toaster and a soda stream and the list goes on. But there are some very special pieces, like this one, that took someone (in this case, her name is Sandy) with a careful eye and a nimble hand a great deal of time to create. 

Here it is, an embroidered hoop. So pretty. HG likes to finger it a little each night when she gets ready for bed. I'm pretty sure that even though she's only five she recognizes the work that went into it and appreciates that someone made it for just for her. 

You can find more of these gorgeous pieces, including headbands and bookmarks, here, at Love, Maude


  1. Thank you for this wonderful post Sarah! I am so happy that you are enjoying my hoop! I enjoyed sewing it for you!
    -Sandie (love, maude)

  2. Sarah, I think that your daughter can most definitely recognize that this piece is unlike others - handmade craftsmanship is always more beautiful and has qualities that mass produced items do not - I would think you have her especially tuned to this not only because of your own handmade items she can enjoy, but because of her Waldorf schooling! It is beautiful, thanks for sharing!